Anton Sjarov

The Bulgarian Anton Sjarov with German citizenship plays the first violin in music without a doubt.

After attending a music high school, Anton studied at the renowned academy in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), further studies followed at the Jazz Academy in Antwerp and at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels.

Anton established himself as a soloist in worldwide concerts in chamber music formations and A-philharmonic orchestras.

Anton has enthused a wide audience in opulent shows and television productions, such as "Holliday on Ice" with the multiple Olympic and world champion in figure skating Katarina Witt.

But his interest has also been in gold since his childhood. He combines old traditions of world history to find this precious metal in infinite splendour in artistic jewellery. By chance, Anton got in touch with a financial service provider, where he can multiply his enthusiasm and appreciation for gold.

Via a landing page on his website, he enables his network to buy digital precious metals in Bulgarian/German and other foreign languages, which he considers indispensable in times of crisis.

Anton also owns a holiday apartment on the Black Sea. Through his connections to local property developers, he can recommend top apartments at sensational prices to interested parties, so that everyone can enjoy this unique climate in the region of golden and sunny beaches on the Black Sea. The hospitality together with the culinary pleasure of the Bulgarian cuisine will delight every buyer and tourist. In the surrounding countryside you can visit historical buildings and facilities from pre-Christian times. In the taverns of the old towns with the varied offer of European cuisine you will be spoiled by the lively Bulgarians.

In the popularity with the favorable price development one sees the region comparable with Mallorca in the 70s. Anton is happy about every contact and would like to bring his conviction closer to everyone personally.
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